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I Am a Writing Teacher

I am a writing teacher.

I recently started teaching a home-schooled 8th grade student. My student is bright and converses well with me. He was diagnosed with dysgraphia in 5th grade. So far, he has written one descriptive paragraph and is working on his second descriptive paragraph at this time. I always knew I loved teaching reading to emerging readers but I am enjoying the writing sessions with my student.

I have spent some time learning about dysgraphia.  Dysgraphia is a learning disability that presents itself in many forms. A person with dysgraphia might have poor handwriting, problems with spelling, or putting their thoughts in writing. I am learning about this disability and the best way to help my student improve his writing.

Our private lessons will continue. I have already noticed an improvement from the assessment paragaph to the most recent piece we worked on together.  Next, my student will tackle his first essay, ever! And he will be ready.

I am a writing teacher. I be!ieve every child can learn to write well.

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