A teacher with a dream to teach students to achieve their potential and the journey she is on now.

And the tears formed in my eyes as I prayed, “Our Father who art in heaven,” as I was thinking about my father, my Dad.

Just a year ago, I spoke with my Dad about the negative environment at work. He encouraged me to go to work every day and do my best. His take was the problem was with my supervisor. As long as I enjoyed teaching, I should continue working. But there was more to it and I knew it was best to resign and move on in my life. I didn’t want a negative evaluation on my record nor did I want my reputation tarnished.

I went out-of-town after Christmas but I never made it to the coast. I had just recovered from the flu and was looking forward to spending my mornings walking along the coast. My stop in San Antonio was extended as it was raining at the coast. While there, my allergy symptoms flared up. It was time to head back home to recover. The irritating pollen was not common in my area so I knew the best thing I could do was to simply get away from the source of my discomfort, the pollen.

A few days after arriving home, my younger sister called. She was very concerned about our father. I drove over to his house later that day and I was alarmed to see Dad had lost a significant amount of weight in the short period of time from Christmas to mid January. Dad wasn’t feeling well and explained he was having digestive issues.

Our father who art in heaven, I prayed. And worried. And had faith. But still, I worried.

I am a strong woman. I am a woman of faith. I love my heavenly Father. I love my Dad and wondered, worried, and prayed.


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