A teacher with a dream to teach students to achieve their potential and the journey she is on now.

It’s been a long time since I sat down and started writing on this blog site. A lot has changed since I started my own company in May 2011. As far as providing tutoring services in Dallas, I was out of business there as soon as TEA required the school district to prioritize which students would receive services as they didn’t have the funds for every child in a low performing school to receive tutoring.  MATH…Dallas decided students needing math tutoring would be the first students allowed to register for services. Oops! My approved TEA proposal only provided services in reading, writing, and science. This was when I was technically out of business and it was only October 2011.

I elected to focus on providing services to students in San Antonio. The company folded because I just didn’t have the marketing or manpower to recruit students. Plus, students seemed more interested in “getting a free computer” rather than selecting a company that would provide them with an outstanding teacher as their tutor. I attended 5 parent fairs and not one student signed up to receive tutoring services from my company. I was ready to call it quits there by the end of October but family members encouraged me to continue my efforts to recruit students. It just didn’t work out.

I regrouped quickly. With so much time on my hand, I decided to volunteer at the school of my final teaching assignment prior to retirement. My volunteer position turned into a part-time teaching position. Yea, teaching gifted ed and getting back to my teaching roots was going to be a blast.

It was a blast while it lasted. January 2012 to May 2012 was a wonderful time in my life. I worked 2 1/2 days a week doing something I truly loved, teaching. My kids were great and I worked with many outstanding teachers. We had our GT Festival in May on the same night as the choir performance. It was fun seeing the parents walk through the display area looking at all the student projects. Other students were in the computer lab to show their power point presentations to their families and all interested parties.We had a good turn-out of students and their parents and I was PROUD. I was so very proud of my students. The 2012 school year ended on a positive note!


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