A teacher with a dream to teach students to achieve their potential and the journey she is on now.


I AM A TEACHER. I recently retired (2009) from Dallas ISD where I served 30 years as  a teacher, Instructional Specialist(bilingual/ESL dept) Assistant Principal, and Lead Science Teacher. The position I loved the most was teaching. I missed teaching almost immediately after I separated from work. I GRIEVED the loss of my identity as a teacher. To ease my pain and transition,  I volunteered at my niece’s school 1-2 days a week the semester after I retired.

How badly did I miss teaching? I continued to miss teaching and began to sense a loss of purpose in my life. After much contemplation,  I created my own company, Esperanza Learning Solutions so I could give myself a teaching position. Yes, I want to teach and earn a little extra money at the same time too! My first role is to serve as an educational consultant and offer professional development, mentoring and coaching to local public, private, and charter schools. I specialize in coaching and mentoring rookie teachers and providing individualized small group training. I believe I mastered the art of teaching and want to share that with 1st year teachers.

My other role is as a tutor. I provide tutoring to students in reading, writing and science. I TEACH! My tutoring consists of private tutoring and SES or Supplemental Educational Services. As a private tutor, I work with children in grades PK and up to improve reading and writing skills. It brings such JOY to my heart when a child gets it, when they know they know how to read! It’s magical and motivates me to continue doing what I do.  I love reading and will use my enthusiasm to encourage your child to love reading too!

The SES tutoring is provided to eligible students in low-performing schools at no cost to the parents. Eligible students are students receiving free or reduced lunch. The local school district pays for my services. I have a small group of extremely talented teachers ready to provide tutoring from early reading to high school physics. Currently, I have contracts to serve Dallas ISD and San Antonio ISD. We’ve hit a few speed bumps but it has been a wonderful learning experience. I have so much to learn about marketing. However,  I will persevere and slowly grow and nurture my company building my client base one student at a time.

I have learned a lot about myself as I started this new venture.  I’ll be sharing that in future posts. I am a teacher and I will keep learning, living and teaching!


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